Done hibernating

We are excited about starting the 2013 arepa season! After months of hibernating, we’ve dusted the truck off, changed the oil, ordered provisions and are getting re...

The Painting Process

The truck went through quite a progression last week. Here’s what it looked like:  

Friends and Family Event 9/23

Here are some photos from our Friends and Family event on Sunday. Come see for yourself this weekend at the Garden Factory in Gates, just look for the big orange truck! M...

Holey Food Truck

My truck has holes, and that’s a good thing! Kitchen will be done this week, exterior next. Yay!! #roc #foodtruck

Hello Arepa Range!

My range has arrived. Can’t wait to fire that thing up!! #9daystogo #roc

Menu Testing, Arepa con Perico

Did some menu testing this afternoon, and man were they tasty! Can’t wait! #11daystogo (This one was perico with feta)

Arepa Countdown!

Hello Arepa followers! It has been a long, exciting, nerve-racking and patience-trying two months, but we’re finally getting close. Two weeks from today (September ...

Black Beans, OTW

Just ordered some black beans from Cayuga Pure Organics to try out.

I have a truck

OK, things will really start to speed up now. I just bought a truck. Holy crap, I just bought a truck. It’s a bit bigger than I’d planned on, which is not a bad thing...

No Dice

After several delays, my offer was turned down. He couldn’t get the generator running, but still decided to counter with a much higher offer than mine. Too high for me....